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20cm Clematis hybrid Chevalier

Availability: 9
Weight: 3.00kg
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 60.00cm

The flower is velvety purple maturing to mid blue approximately 15-17cm in diameter. Flowers can be single, semi double or double at anytime during the flowering season. The plant is moderately vigourous and will grow approximately 1.5-2.0mt in size. This variety is in pruning group 2. Chevalier Evipo040 can be grown in containers as a patio plant or on a small obelisk. Also suitable for growing through small to medium sized shrubs, or mixed with other moderately growing climbing plants. This variety is a climber and is deciduous.

Flower Colour
Plant Habit
Climber: Requires a frame
Deciduous or Evergreen
Pruning Group (Clematis)
Pruning Group 3 (Hard Prune)
Growth Rate