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20cm Clematis hybrid Alita™ Evipo070

Strong purplish red with yellow anthers flowers approximately 10-15cm in diameter produced on a small vine growing to 1.0-1.5 metres in size. Flowers late spring to early autumn. Pruning group 3. Deciduous and a climber.


20cm Clematis hybrid Boulevard™collection Fleuri™Evipo042ⓝ

Purple flowers with a darker redder bar to 17cm. Compact growing to 1mt. Ideal for patio or table top growing. Pruning group 3. Deciduous A member of the Poulsen-Roser Boulevard collection of compact patio clematis


20cm Clematis hybrid Chantilly Evipo021

Large single light pink flowers with a darker pink bar to 15cm aging to white whilst retaining the bar. Dark red anthers on white filaments. A member of the Evison/Poulsen Boulevard' collection. Deciduous to 1.5mt


20cm Clematis hybrid Edda ™ Evipo074

A very compact Clematis ideal for a garden balcony, deck or patio. Stunning when used in a hanging basket either by itself or in combination with annuals. As its first flowers are blooming, it is already producing trailing stems that hang down with more flowers. Deciduous and a climber.


20cm Clematis hybrid Flora™collection Filigree™Evipo029ⓝ

Medium single and semi-double silver-blue flowers with red-brown anthers 7-10cm in size. Compact growing to less than 1mt. Suitable for hanging baskets or table top pots. Pruning Group 3. Deciduous. Evison/Poulsen 'Flora'


20cm Clematis hybrid Guiding Promise™ Evipo053

Medium 7cm mauve-purple flowers with purple anthers produced on a short vine growing 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Flowers early summer into autumn. Pruning group 3 (Hard). Deciduous and a climber.


20cm Clematis hybrid Picardy Evipo024

Large, single, purple-red flowers with a red bar on a compact growing vine to 1.5mt. Pruning Group 3. Deciduous. PG2 A member of the Evison/Poulsen® ‘Boulevard’ collection